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Board was DOA, waiting to hear back from nemo's.

Awesome product

Works awesome. Clear picture

Perfect Standoffs

Reduced Gyro noise heaps and comes with a bunch of extra o-rings etc for any type of setup.

Great priduct

I like it that much I have bought more

HV Tramp love

Ordered the HV Tramp during 40% off site wide. Not going to see it that cheap anywhere else for a while. Works like a charm and loving the Lua script on my Taranis....

Dogcom 5s

Great batteries.

Kraken 4

Very tight build
Awesome product.
Very nimble Quad.
Love it.
Awesome service once again from Nemos

D Quad

Awesome product great service.


DALProps T5045C Cyclone TRI-BLADE Race Propellers

Great strong prop

Excellent durability and love this pitch. I have recently tried some 5046's though and might like them even more!

DAL Cyclone 5045C - brilliant

I really love the DAL 5045C Cyclone props. Grundy yet efficient. Durable and able to in bend as necessary. My go-to props.

Great Frame for efficiency, weight and speed.

This is an amazing light frame, lighter than the Floss 5" frame... I can get to 170 grams easy with this thing!!!!!

Transmitter strap

Doo! Ordered one received two! That's a plus! However the looking is a bit of a storage trick, two I individual seem to wrap over the neck not the simple one?

Design though is a 10


DALProps T5045C Cyclone TRI-BLADE Race Propellers

Definately buy more (when they are in stock again).

Decent rubber for anti-vibration. Good fit and I was able to remove and relay. Punch out all the holes before you put it on.

Great but.

It's a great flight controller other than the arrow on it is pointing in the wrong direction.



Happy Shopper

Really happy with fast shipping an tracking on my order.
However I also ordered a FuriousFpv Kombini flight controller that I think is faulty. I soldered it all together an when to connect to Betaflight but wont connect and no LED's on board light up via USB or powered by battery. I did use multi meter before powering up an was extremely careful while soldering


Perfect product.
Great service as usual from Nemos.

Great buy!!

Very happy with the motors, quality is excellent, plenty of torque and power without destroying the battery. Excellent service and fast postage.

Brother Hobby R5 Dead Pools

After loving the Brother Hooby R4 WaterMelons, I tried the R5 Dead Pools. These are a slightly lighter and higher Kv motor, they have exceptional horsepower and grunt, extremely fast when combined with good ESC's. you may need to adjust your PIDs if using 5S or greater batteries to handle the speed that your quad will travel at. Would highly recommend to use larger batteries such as 1550mah, as 1300mah batteries can come down quite warm even after a mild flight. The extra capacity will allow you to fly that little bit longer and ensure that the motors don't drain the battery too much.

Overall, very strong motor with outstanding performance.

Running D-shot is smooth.

Paired with my D-shot Kombini+Passado on my Dquad. They fly great. No problems so far.

Great Nemo Branded motors. The orange is sexy.

Good replacement motors. Nemo branded Returners. Same weight as my Old Mates just different colour. The picture does not do them justice. The orange they use is a darker metallic looking.

Great Flight Controller + PDB. Tricky to solder. Not for the faint.

Awesome flight controller when paired with the Furious Passado vTV+OSD module. Keeps weight down and only 2x layers thick. Tricky to solder. Small pads very close to each other. But if you have time and a fine tip - no problems. Love this so much I have 3x builds. 2x normal and 1x Dshot.

Great fun little flyer

been having a cracking time ripping this little beauty round the house. flies great straight out the box.


Aikon SEFM 30a 2-4s Blheli_S ESC (D-SHOT) - V16.5

Awesome service, as usual.

Please don't close down! Definitely my favourite FPV shop.

good part

I haven't put them in yet but the last couple i used were good

D Quad

Perfect product as usual from Nemos.

Fantastic service.

It always good to deal with someone that’s into the hobby as much as you,.

Armattan OOMPH 2206 2300KV

Great power with good efficiency. Durability could be a bit better.


Good clear signal. Little tricky to solder on but awesome quality

Brother returner motors

Awesome product.
Amazing throttle response with heaps of top end power.
Great service as always from Nemos.


They are good for isolating the FC, vTX, CCD and anything else you need.
2x per corner works best - one above and one below the board. Don't over tighten. They work best when there is some flex. I have not tried them on motors yet...I think they will pinch and come out...but never know.

OMG the torque...

If you freestyle or just cruise around..BUY THEM...DO IT DO IT NOW!
If you race...they are hungry on the juice if you run full throttle all the time. But nice in the corners.
PS - comes with cool stickers.

Beep Beep Beep

That's all they do...can't figure out how to make them play MP3s XD

Quiet and Smooth...a dream to fly with.

But as soon as you get a chip they SHATTER. Ghost branches ARE a problem again. I have the crystal version (won't buy them again) but I'm keen to try the opaque plastic versions. Hoping they are stronger material like the KK's. Thrust is very nice though.

Good Straps. Mass = 5 grams

Bright Nemo orange all the way. I use the black ones are spares now.
Dont' bother with the metal buckle. Twice the weight and they still break (the strap does...not the buckle). The metal buckle just puts lovely dints in my $120+ CF frame.

Clean parts. Good rubber but...

The thread inside is too short. I tried a few screws, either too short or too long. 1-2mm more thread would have been perfect. They work well if you have space for your stack or an AIO unit. Have not broken yet.

Great quad. Some things well thought out.

The packing, finish, was fantastic, spare CF plate if you don't want to use the PDB. Built in XT60 plug holder great idea...but in practice when you crash it puts strain on the battery plug and breaks the solder joints. I ended up making the power wires 3cm long so it passes through the plastic fitting...but the XT60 plug can bend towards the front of the quad. So in a big crash and the battery comes out it just unplugs...instead of breaking battery leads. No battery foam WTF. I have a foam role - but some flashy rubber or something would have been nice. The bottom CF plate is a weak point - it has v's at the front and back. Would have made sense to make a full plate...then you have more space for battery foam and no weak point. Runcam Eagle (just fits), Furious Kombini (dshot version), Furious Passado vTX+OSD.

Shipment came quickly

Dislike the forced review


Great motors at a great price, I have been punishing them for a few months now, and all is well.

ESR Capacitors

All I can say is fantastic. Thanks nemos

Shrink-wrap pack

Nice speedy delivery

Dal props Cyclone

These are a good performing prop slightly better than the Dalprop T5040 and a little quieter. They are not quite so durable.

Pagoda Comparison

I flew consecutive flights using a RealacRHCP mushroom Vtx antenna and then this Pagoda Vtx antenna. The video was clearer with the Pagoda showing fewer spots and lines at long distance and when flying near reflective objects (baseball dugout building)

D Quad

Awesome product
Great Price
Fast Delivery
As good as it gets.


Awesome service at nemos I loved that my stuff came in a special nemos box I love the extra stickers you put in and the the battery straps was a big plus you can never have enough of them thank you so much nemos I will definitely be back :)