Matek 8 LED RGB Ring



The LED light board with 8 RGB5050 lamp beads circular design, import-board DIP switches, toggle through the corresponding switch, seven color options.

Single lamp board maximum power 1.9W, super bright.

It can be used for multi-axis, through the machine, Helicopters, Cars and other light DIY.

1. Input: 14 ~ 17V DC, 4S LiPo battery

2. DIP switch selected color (7 colors)

3. Size: light plate diameter 30mm, installation pitch 10mm, aperture 3mm

4. Weight: 2.5g

5. Packaging: X8-16V a circular light board, red and black power cord 30cm


1. Comes with a 30cm long red and black power cord, you need depending on the length of their own cutting and welding;

2. Note the polarity of the input and insulation;

3. Toggle the corresponding switch to ON selectable seven colors;

4. Behind recommend using double-sided foam adhesive on the body; for example, multi-axis motor base below.

5. Available between 14 ~ 17V input supply, 4S LiPo powered directly available.

6. High-brightness light board, do not look for a long time.


  • 1X Matek RGB LED X8 / 16V round 7-color light board

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